Thursday, January 14, 2016

'Mia Melancholy

From 1996-2002 I suffered from anorexia and bulimia. Those years were filled with starvation, followed by repeated binging and purging, suicide attempts and multiple hospitalizations.

I was extremely suicidal and certain I would never recover, so impossible are eating disorders to overcome, but had one thought, one hope, one dream: that my misery would not be in vain, for I would write and remember everything that I experienced during that era, and share it, for the world to see and, most importantly, understand.

Tens of millions of women and men suffer or have suffered from eating disorders. Countless untold more have yet to suffer. There is very little cultural reference, support or understanding for those with E.D.s and my graphic novel, "'Mia Melancholy" vows to change that.

But I need your help. In order for me to secure an agent and thus publisher, I need to have as much of a finished product as possible. That involves hiring a professional graphic illustrator and assigning well over a hundred pages of illustrations. It also involves hiring an editor to spend hours pouring over my script and correcting even the smallest of errors.

In order for this project to proceed, I need the support of the community and the world at large. I need to have any and every donation I possibly can secure in order to meet the funding the preparation of this project demands. I may have written this and experienced this by my introverted self, but, in order to bear the fruits, I need you to have hope in me.

Please consider a small donation of $25 today. It will help change the lives of millions and shift the cultural understanding of a disorder so shrouded in mystery and darkness. It is a unique story, filled with drama, comedy, suspense and awe, and one that has yet to be undertaken by anyone else.

By making a small donation of just $25, you are not just helping to create the next bestseller or cult classic, but are vowing for the stubborn lives of those caught in the self destructive web of food addiction and obsession - as well as the well-being and lives of their families, friends and loved ones.

If you or anyone you know has been afflicted with an eating disorder, then I implore you to donate today. You CAN make a collective difference. I have the script, I have the story, I have the characters. I just need YOU.

Thank you. As a token of my gratitude, I will be sending out five packs of postcards featuring my handmade collages to the first 25 $25 donors. I will also be posting updates of the project and its illustrations as the time comes.

The Kickstarter campaign link is: